I have known the Black family for years. Rick knows how to run a business, practices his faith as an Organist for a leading church in Licking County and has a strong work ethic with his farm background. Rick Black has my unqualified support as Commissioner for Licking County.

C. Daniel DeLawder

Newark, OH

I believe lifelong and varied experiences as a local farmer, organist for Second Presbyterian Church, Lakewood school board member, Union Township Trustee, and as Licking County Commissioner give Rick Black an excellent base of knowledge to continue to serve as our commissioner and I am happy to offer my support.

71st District State Representative Scott Ryan

Granville, OH

I am proud to endorse the reelection candidacy of Licking County Commissioner Rick Black. In my view Rick Black represents very well the conservative values that makes our County great!

Rick Black has spent his adult life giving back to his community, Lakewood Schools, Union Township and Licking County. In addition Rick Black lives his Christian faith and is a proud fourth generation farmer. 

Rick Black is a thoughtful and effective County Commissioner and I would ask you to join me in returning him as your Licking Commissioner in November!

Licking County Commissioner Tim Bubb

Heath, OH

Rick Black has been a dependable, scrupulous public official in Licking County, both as a Union Township Trustee and a Licking County Commissioner.  I have known Rick and his family for many years and was pleased when he was elected to fill the position I held for a number of years as your Commissioner.  I plan to vote for Rick again so that he may continue to serve all Licking County residents as their Commissioner, and I encourage you to cast your vote for Rick as well!

Former Licking County Commissioner Doug Smith

Outville, OH

I strongly support the re-election of Rick Black as Licking County Commissioner. He has a longtime proven track record of tireless service and dedication to the people of this area. He is always accessible and able to fashion common sense solutions to issues that arise at the local level.

Granville Township Trustee Kevin Bennett

Granville, OH

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